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“The best thing was it was easy to follow and quite surprising in a way you rarely get from a short course like this.” Jonathan R, Nuneaton, England

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Introduction to Decision Making and Creative Problem-Solving (Academic Version) – Course Overview:

A series of introductory self-taught training materials to stimulate awareness of critical thinking, decision making and creative problem-solving techniques in an engaging way. This is a more detailed course with an additional academic unit including an essay question to be personally marked by a member of and a signed completion certificate sent by first class mail to any designated postal address in the world.

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The course components are as follows:

1.1. Life’s Pathways, Routes and Junctions.

Activities: Decisions task.

Aims: An introduction to the importance of the choices we make and how decision-making is a skill that can be refined to create incredibly beneficial outcomes.

1.1.1. Habits of Good Problems Solvers.

Activities: 6 Habits task.

Aims: To introduce and utilize six secret habits of good problem solvers that can be used on any problem in life.

1.2. The Barriers to Making Good Decisions.

Activities: Self-analysis task.

Aims: To study some of the commonest mistakes in the way we think, and how we can overcome these issues with practice.

1.2.1 Intuition, Priming and the Invisible Gorilla.

Activities: Short puzzles and online video attention task.

Aims: To study some key cognitive limitations of the human mind.

1.3. Goals and Targets.

Activities: Case study analysis task.

Aims: To study how to make good decisions based on our goals.

1.3.1 Certainty and Big Data.

Activities: Reading.

Aims: To study about certainty, induction and deduction, and how ‘big data’ can increasingly make accurate predictions.

1.4 and 1.4.1. The Wise One Whispers / Wise Cards.

Activities: Wise Cards lateral thinking task.

Aims: To encourage the use of lateral thinking to enhance innovative creative problem-solving.

1.4.2. Using the Wisdom.

Activities: Personal ‘moving forward’ self-analysis task.

Aims: To bring the course to a close with a concluding explanation of what the skills learned can help us achieve.

1.5. Essay question and completion certificate.

Activities: 1500-word academic essay task.

Aims: To demonstrate that the student has reached the required learning goals successfully.

The essay question will be personally marked by a member of and a signed completion certificate sent by first class mail to any designated postal address in the world.

Extra materials included:

The following materials are included for use in conjunction with the main course materials. They will be useful when completing tasks (including the essay question) and also as something to come back again after completing the course or as a way into more specialized study.

Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Brainstorming Basics.

Critical Thinking Quick Reference Guide.

Important Critical Thinkers from Ancient History to the Present Day.

Qualities of a Critical Thinker.

Advanced Decision-Making Techniques.

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in thinking
  • Gain greater awareness of choices in life
  • Use creativity to find innovative solutions
  • Adopt beneficial habits for problem solving
  • Re-frame your own life goals for future success

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*This course is 100% COVID-Proof as it is self-study with an option to study online! Study safely and with confidence!*

Download now – £295

“I did this to improve my CV and get a deeper understanding of how to make better decisions. I think it improved my employability too.” Roger H, Aberdeen, Scotland