The Basics of Critical Thinking – What is it and why is it important?

The Basics of Creative Thinking – What is it, how is it different from critical thinking, and why is it important?

How critical thinking can help us better understand the coronavirus pandemic – The first half of 2020 has been a difficult time for many of us. We have had to adapt to rapidly-changing circumstances that have altered nearly every aspect of our lives. 

‘Oblique Strategies’ for Creative Problem Solving – On a set of simple cards that can help with creative problems.

The Importance of Perspective – On how multiple perspectives can help us gain clarity and overcome challenges more easily.

Higher Order Thinking Skills in Education – How critical thinking can be used in the classroom.

Critical Thinking and The Environment – Critical Thinking involves thinking beyond the short-term. We aren’t only interested in what benefits might be gained by a small number of people in a year or even a decade, but also the long-term consequences of our decisions and actions on future generations.

Critical Thinking and the Future of Jobs – The threat to many job sectors from AI is an incredibly important issue for all of us to consider!

The Difference Between Active and Passive Decision Making – Events happen whether we get involved or not!

How to Protect Yourself Against Fake News – Here are some key steps to take to shield yourself from misinformation.

Change the Context For Clarity – Use a ‘thought experiment’ to find a solution.

Critical Thinking is a Lifelong Learning Process – How these skills can be of benefit at every stage of life.

The Dice Man Philosophy For Creative Thinking – Would you dare to allow ‘randomness’ to dictate your important decisions?

Change Your Tools for Creative Thinking – All about an uninspired workman!

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Critical Thinking – Not just for use in the classroom but for life in general.

People Like Popular Things – A simple statement but with immense consequences for all of us.

Occam’s Razor and Critical Thinking – An introduction to how a simple concept from medieval times can help us all.

Going For A Really Long Walk – A highly popular way to break a creative block.

Language As A Help And As A Hindrance – How words are used and abused.

Critical Thinking For Self Reflection – How to cultivate the skills needed for quality personal analysis.

Can You Justify Your Viewpoint? – Crucial skills for presentations and meetings.

Who Will Be Using This Product? – Any creator of a successful app or service has probably considered this question a great deal.

Why It Is So Important To Plan Ahead – Experts often make wonderful improvisers. Or so it sometimes seems that way.

How Our Courses Relate to the IB Theory of Knowledge and P4C – Here at we offer 5 courses on critical thinking, decision-making and creative problem-solving. This article is about how our courses relate and compare to the IB Theory of Knowledge and P4C courses.

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