Critical Thinking Audit

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, the top 3 workplace skills are complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Here at, I offer creative thinking and problem solving training specifically designed for teams, individuals and schools. This training is intended to develop skills for effective studying, working and living. Skills such as control over decision-making, and the perspective, patience, efficiency, creativity and self-discipline required for highly effective problem solving at home, at school and at work – and maximum wellbeing.

My main focus is on training managers, creative people such as artists, writers and composers, businesses, individuals, plus teachers and learners in the education sector.

I also offer bespoke consultations on educational, life and business solutions using critical thinking skills and creative problem solving methods.

One of my key services is the Critical Thinking Audit for businesses and schools in order to identify revenue opportunities, reduce unnecessary costs and risks, and develop ethical frameworks in line with the highest of international standards.

The scope of each audit is determined individually, but usually involves auditing documents such as learning materials and communications content and suggesting meaningful improvements in logic, accuracy, clarity, completeness, relevance, consistency, efficiency and effectiveness in messaging, and fairness. This is all so that the material has its intended successful effect on all users. This can usually all be done via email.

I can also audit websites, organizational procedures and structures for their adaptability and how well they align with, and are open to, the many benefits of evaluative and analytical critical thinking methodologies. I encourage businesses and schools to put in place their own self-regulatory system by conducting mini-audits themselves at least once per year using various critical and creative thinking techniques such as brainstorming.

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