Can you explain your training to me in just one sentence?

“Learn to think clearly”. The tagline “high level thinking” also works, and in several different ways. It could be thinking that is of a high level; it could be high (as in high up, with perspective on all of our issues in front of us) and level (as in stable, considered, balanced) thinking (our tool for how we shape our lives and respond effectively to the goings-on in the world around us).

How can this help me or my business?

The answer depends entirely on your context. Have a look at our case studies page or contact me for a chat. Simple! It may sound ridiculous, but because of the positive transformative power of the cognitive skills I promote, our courses genuinely are for everyone – in any context and any country in the world!

What experience in this field do you have?

I have over a decade of experience in the international education and training sector (in Indonesia, Hong Kong and the UK), designing and implementing curricula (including at the Japanese and South Korean Embassy schools in Jakarta), and pioneering the use of critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to aid cognition, plus several years as a creative person working in music composition, production and writing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my academic background is in Philosophy. My main hobby is hill-walking, an activity which has a surprisingly strong role in the pursuit of new critical and creative thinking techniques!

Who uses your training?

It depends on the specific course or field of study. I have courses designed for several different contexts and age groups, including primary and secondary courses for schoolchildren, individual self-taught adult courses in multiple languages and a business team course for organizations whether private, non-profit or governmental. I plan to develop further courses in even more specific areas in the near future. So, for example, if you want to use critical thinking and creative problem solving techniques to help you tackle all and every issue you face when moving from one country to another then there will be a course to help you do so.

‘Critical’ sounds negative. Is it based on finding faults?

We rarely stumble upon good thinking techniques by accident, and one of the best ways to improve a system, methodology or process is to consistently look for weaknesses in it and then address those weaknesses effectively and efficiently. I regard it as a positive – because a problem or issue is the start of a very positive journey to improve things, tweaking towards perfection with a combination of specific learned skills and habits that are developed on our courses.

What options are available for bulk purchase if I want a large group such as a workforce to study?

That can be arranged very easily. Please contact me directly and we will talk specifics.

I am a tutor / independent trainer. How do I become a licensee of your materials / courses in my area?

This is not currently available. However if you work in a similar field and would like to collaborate in some way in the future then please get in touch.