September 26, 2023

One-to-one Masterclass

Course Overview:

This intensive and specialist one-to-one course has no standard or fixed syllabus as it is specifically designed every time it is delivered in order for the participant to gain the most from it. In order to do that, I usually schedule a preliminary chat to understand you, your circumstances, and what your goals are from taking the course. It’s the ultimate one-to-one critical and creative thinking course with a price-tag to match. Our own aim is for it to be utterly transformational and thoroughly enjoyable for each and every participant.

General topics of study which are chosen and adapted to suit participants include the destruction of creative blocks, higher order thinking skills in education for both tutors and learners, lateral thinking for problem-solving, the nature of inspiration, active and passive decision-making, priming, hypnotherapy and critical thinking, tools for identifying choices, creative writing and the qualities of a creative person, perspectives, ancient Greek philosophy, avoiding bias and developing new thinking habits, plus advanced music composition and production techniques.

As Director of, I draw on over 20 years of studying and working as a curriculum designer and tutor in philosophy, languages, critical and creative thinking in both the UK and Asia, an acclaimed writer and composer of cutting-edge music, and a premier explorer and documenter of the cultures, mountains and volcanoes, and other wild areas of the Malay archipelago.

The course length is 16 hours and is most effective over two consecutive days (e.g Friday and Saturday). I usually suggest 8 hours on both days 1 and 2 (plus one hour in the middle for break / lunch) and can adapt to suit any time zone worldwide. This masterclass course is extremely limited in number due to scheduling constraints – typically a maximum of two slots available per month.

The total course fee is £1000 via PayPal or UK Bank Transfer. I tend to deliver the course via Zoom, GMeet, Skype or WhatsApp unless we happen to be geographically located close-by.

Please enquire via email to

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in thinking
  • Gain greater awareness of choices in life
  • Use creativity to find innovative solutions
  • Adopt beneficial habits for problem solving
  • Re-frame your own life goals for future success