The Dice Man Philosophy for Creative Thinking

Would you be brave enough to make all of your life decisions based on the roll of dice? To let chance (or ‘fate’ if you prefer) determine how your life unfolds? If you end up with a 3 you must quit your job tomorrow, and a 6 means you move to Botswana!

That is exactly what George Cockcroft wrote about in his 1971 novel entitled ‘The Dice Man’ and since publication the book has become a cult classic, with some fans going so far as living according to the dice (including – for a short time – Richard Branson of Virgin!)

In actual fact, one must decide on the different courses of action for all 6 outcomes, and the shortlists we make are never truly ‘random’ as we are the ones whose consciousness and subconsciousness shapes the options.

But the philosophy itself has some very interesting results. It can help uncover hidden desires, and improve our confidence so that (should the right number come up) we go out there into the world and try to build the life we truly want.

Of course, depending on each Dice Person’s personality, some very negative and dangerous results can occur, but for the most part it represents a worthwhile creative thinking method that can help us overcome problems that we shy away from.

It can be compared with the Oblique Strategies cards, but instead of having a set number of fixed instructions, the Dice Person can continually develop new ‘instructions’ for his or herself as long as he or she rolls.