Introduction is an initiative with several interconnected aims. The core goal is to help people overcome many different types of problems and challenges using the skills of critical thinking and creative problem solving to find deeper meaning according to clear intellectual standards. That’s why we gave it the tagline High Level Thinking.

These are not all new techniques: some of the basics have been used by philosophers since the time of Socrates (470-399 BC) in Ancient Greece. Every single one of us makes thousands of decisions every day, whether passively or actively, and it is really beneficial to understand the structure of the decision-making process and then how we can use this knowledge and self-awareness to make good choices.

The techniques can be used by anyone and in almost any context. The thinking is derived from philosophy, psychology and the basis of scientific thought and empirical rationalism, and can assist in both professional and personal contexts. Here are some examples of the people our services are designed for:

  • Corporations and business managers that wish to make better business decisions and approach challenges logically and in a more creative way.
  • Creative people who have ‘run out of ideas’ or simply wish to learn skills for overcoming creative issues.
  • Schools who want to improve the meta-skills of their students, and teachers who wish to incorporate these ideas into curricula whether as a one-off or a complete redesign.
  • Individuals who seek greater self-awareness in order to improve how they make intelligent choices in life using high level thinking techniques.

At present the Director and Founder is on contract with an embassy school in Asia, so will be offering specific consultation services to corporate clients and individuals from 2020. It is hoped the articles on the website serve as a general introduction to some key components of what we do.

We recognize our specialist services are not cheap but we hope to be able to help the less affluent and not-for-profit sectors with discounts on a regular basis, especially where – for example – funding for skills training is available from local and regional government. We also hope individuals can benefit from the regular newsletter which will include ways to ‘do it yourself’ and become a critical thinking expert.

We are 99% remote and flexible! Occasionally we give talks or conduct training workshops in the ‘real world’ but the vast majority of our work is done online. We are not limited to business hours in just one timezone and can therefore work on your project 24/7.