April 21, 2024


I don’t only do hiking as a hobby (some would say obsession); it has also been the topic of several projects I have undertaken over the years.

The first was Gunung Bagging, a website founded back in 2009 and detailing all the major mountains and volcanoes of the Indonesian archipelago (Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor). As part of this, I co-created the first list of mountains with a topographic prominence of 1000 metres (also known as P1000, where P stands for prominence) or more and named them ‘Ribus’ after the Indonesian word for thousand, ‘ribu’.

Since 2019, an international team of mountain researchers have been working towards the publication of a list of all P1000 peaks worldwide. As there are nearly 7000 of them, this is an immense research project but some regional mountain lists will be published in early 2023 HERE.